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Since Nov. 2021 Hayward, CA

CSU East Bay Esports

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about us

Who We Are

We are an officially recognized organization of California State University - East Bay. Starting in 2022, we hope to move forward to introduce new experiences across campus, both in person and online.

We are dedicated to creating a community of people interested in playing, competing, or that have an appreciation for E-Sports. We express significant interest in CSGO, League of Legends, VALORANT, Street Fighter, and plenty more.

With support from our campus, our community, and everyone in between, we have a lot of awesome stuff to bring to the table.

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What We Do




  • Skilled and experienced team that excels in teamwork, communication, and adapting to the competition.


  • Skilled and adaptable team that creates powerful compositions, communicates effectively, and dominates the battlefield.


  • Talented and passionate team with deep understanding of game mechanics, who dominate with precision and coordination.


Work With Us

With plenty of opportunities available, we're sure there's a fit for you

Events Coordintor

If you're passionate about creating exciting events and tournaments, this role is for you!

Are you a creative and organized individual with a passion for bringing great experiences to our campus? We're seeking an Events Coordinator to join our team. As the Events Coordinator, you'll be at the heart of planning and executing a wide range of events, from gaming tournaments to social gatherings. Your attention to detail, excellent communication skills, and ability to juggle multiple tasks will be key in ensuring that every event runs smoothly and leaves a lasting impression on our fellow students and guests. Join us in creating unforgettable experiences!


Keep our records organized and assist in administrative tasks to keep the club running smoothly.

Elevate your administrative prowess as our Secretary, the backbone of our organization. With precision and efficiency, you'll manage records, schedules, and communications, ensuring seamless operations. Be the go-to person for information, and help keep our team on track and organized.

Vice President

Are you a natural leader with a vision for our club's future? Join us as the Vice President and help shape our direction. 

Step into a leadership role as our Vice President and play a pivotal part in shaping our organization's future. Collaborate with the executive team, contribute innovative ideas, and assist in decision-making. Your strategic vision and dedication will be instrumental in driving our mission forward.


Manage our club's finances and help us make the most of our resources.

Take charge of our financial well-being as the Treasurer and ensure responsible management of our resources. Monitor budgets, track expenses, and provide financial insights for informed decision-making. Your financial acumen will play a crucial role in sustaining our organization's success.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a student to join the club?

We welcome all students and guests to our wonderful community. While guests may be allowed to attend our events and activities, guests may not be elected for staff positions, or be eligible for some prizes and tournaments.

Are you offering paid positions?

We would love to open our staff applications to paid permanent positions, however we only accept volunteer opportunities at this time.

How can I keep up to date on club activities and events?

Our Discord server is our primary means of communication, however also feel free to check out our Twitter, Instagram, and other socials for more!

How can I be a part of your staff?

We appreciate your interest in wanting to be a part of the team!

Please click the link below for more information!

Apply Here

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Contact Us

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